The Mind Machine (Part – I)


Day 1

Finally it is done. The machine is now supposed to work properly. Long and hard days have gone through his life during his last 7 years. Now it is hopefully complete.

Hero of this story is Irfan. He started this long research when he was 21 and in his sophomore days in the Mechatronics course of his college. The idea came to his mind when one day the professor of automata theory class introduced him with Alan Turing’s work on classical automata and proved that machine can’t think. However soon he realised that the quantum computers may think as it need not follow the rules of classical automata. So he readily came to a decision that he is going to build one and started learning about it and soon came to know the stories of failures of the physicists in making the quantum computer. He would get rescued from his idea if he didn’t attend a biotech lecture that his institution had almost forced him to attend. The lecturer claimed that our brain is a quantum computer and nothing but a quantum computer and this is the only thing which makes it possible for human to have emotions like anger, frustration, sexuality etc. Readily he changed his plan to something which was much easier and interesting to implement; it’s a digital interface for human mind.

Now it is complete. The machine is not at all magnificent to look at. It’s just a helmet shaped thing with a thick wire coming out of it which connects to an analogue signal parser which in turns connects to any computer through its USB port. The setup is quite simple! But if what he planned is going to be true, then the possibilities are limitless. It’s a machine that is going to make him the richest person… sorry, not the richest,money can’t do everything, but this machine may make him the most powerful and happiest person in the world… wait, happiness? That another emotion which scientists have already attributed to be a purely quantum phenomenon? O.K, whatever it is, the machine is going to totally change his life and possibly our material world also.

So what the machine does is really simple. It actually shows the directory and file structure of our mind, almost what we see in our computer…may be a little complex. But the most striking fact is that use not only can read one’s mind using it, you can also write something into it or change some data or configuration files to change the mind, in brief, you can hack someone’s mind. Such a machine should immediately get tested but there is only one problem, while the machine is being tested on somebody, he is supposed to be in a state like sleep, which means that he can’t test it on himself. The first testing of this machine is a huge risk as it may cause some serious damage of the mind if it is not programmed correctly. But someone must need to take the risk to bring the machine to reality.

Now let me introduce you to the second character of my story. She is Siri. She was the only person among the classmates of Irfan who didn’t think him a crazy when Irfan first told about his project to make a digital interface of the mind. When others were just laughing at this impossible project, she was his only friend who gave him constant support. In fact, being a computer science major, she also helped him to realize this project in many ways. Now Irfan has just completed his PhD and Siri is also just about to get her degree but still doing her research work, so they live together in an apartment near their University. When Irfan finally completed building his machine, she was not at home. In fact she went to a techfest with some other CS students in another college. She was to return home tonight or tomorrow morning.

Day 2

Today is Saturday and it’s 9 O’ clock when Siri returned to their apartment and Irfan welcomed her with his usual hug and she directly came to his study cum laboratory room to see if there is something new Irfan has done. As soon as she entered to that room she realised that Irfan has probably completed his machine. She took it in her hand and inspected it from every possible direction. In the meantime Irfan came to that room.

‘Irfan, why have you not told me that you have finished building your long waited machine?’

‘Yeah…you’ve just returned home, I’d surely show you.’

‘Anyway, Congratulations…Hope it is working perfectly. Have you tested it?’

‘Not really…’


‘You should know the reason. Nobody in my institution knows that I was building this and it is not a kind of device I can test on myself. After all you should never forget about the risk if something happens wrong.’

‘Well now I’m here. Now you should not have any lack of guinea pig.’

‘Ha… have your breakfast first and get yourself fresh and eh… it’s not possible, why are you forgetting about the risk? I cannot test it onyou.’

‘Huh? What will happen to me? If something goes wrong then you’ll first fix your machine and then fix me. Isn’t it simple,my great scientist?’

‘Hmm. Get yourself refreshed. We’ll think then.’

Throughout their lazy noon, Siri kept on nagging Irfan to test the device on her. Finally Irfan agreed to try the machine on her, may be his own curiosity was also tempting him to test his new invention as soon as possible.

‘Yeah, sit on this chair and put on the device on your head’, Irfan said to Siri.

She did so and Irfan began to set up the device, connected it to his laptop and opened the interface,MindExplorer. As soon as he pressed the ‘Connect’ button, Siri lazily closed her eyes and started to breathe slowly. Readily she went to a state somewhat like sleep, just as expected.

‘Conscious Entity Connected Successfully!’ a popup message appeared on the screen. A smile of success appeared on the corner of his lips. He opened theroot directory, to his astonishment there were only three folders –config,data andmindset. He kept on exploring all of these folders, their sub folders with great interest. The files inconfig folder was written in something like binary format, but not exactly the same. He fiddled around them for a while but couldn’t understand anything. He opened themindset folder and there he found some subfolders named in a peculiar way like- .frnd, .lvr, .acq etc. He opened the.frnd folder and found lots of files with .frnd extension. He read the names of some of these files and readily understood that those files do nothing but correspond to the friends of her. He examined those files and understood that those are some special kind of zip file and contain images, memories, event logs and many other things related to that friend. He felt satisfied that he has been able to understand at least one mechanism of mind. But there was something even more in store for him.

He opened the.lvr folder and saw with great amusement that there was only two files– irfan.lvr andirfan.lvr.log, from his just previous experience, he soon understood that the.lvr files represents her love life, i.e. corresponds to her lover’s name. He opened the file irfan.lvr and saw some awfully looking binary expressions which forced him to close it. He opened the .log file and it was somewhat readable, looks like an inventory file, which seemed to him to contain all the incidents and feelings of their love life. He got a nice taste of success upon this great revelations. He was so excited to say all these discoveries to Siri that he suddenly removed the device from her head to wake her without disconnecting the interface from his computer. An alert message ‘Data Synchronization Failed!’ appeared on the screen but he hardly cared about it.

He removed the device from her head. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at him. It took some time for her to again come to the reality.

‘Hey’, Irfan called her.

She replied, ‘So your device is working perfectly?’

‘Yeah… It’s working great. Just wait a minute, I’m telling you everything that I’ve just discovered. Aren’t you hungry?’

‘Ha… somewhat.’

‘I also, let’s have our dinner first.’

‘Sure’, she nodded and went to the dining room.

They finished their dinner with some light chatting and excitements of success. After the dinner is over, Irfan was just about to begin to tell her all the things he had just discovered.

‘Irfan, it has been quite late tonight. I’ve to leave now. Please don’t mind, I’m also very eager to hear these but I’ve no way. I’ll surely come to you tomorrow morning and listen to all of these’, She said.

‘What? Where are you going now?’

‘Why? In my hostel. If it is late I might have problem to reach there.’

‘What? You are going to your hostel. But why? I can’t understand.’

‘Ha… it seems that you don’t want me to sleep tonight.’

‘Why? Are you mad? If you are fatigued you can go to sleep now. Who has forbidden you?’

‘Oh… that’s why I’m going to hostel.’

‘What? Where do you normally sleep? Where did you sleep yesterday? In your hostel?’

‘I was in my techfest trip.’

‘Ohhh… forget about yesterday. Where are you sleeping for last one year? Is it in your hostel?’

‘No… I mean, it now seems to me that I spend my nights in your apartments… but why? I mean, why will I sleep in your apartment?’

‘Because you are my …’

‘What? We are just friend. Have you gone mad, Irfan? What are you saying these?’

Irfan immediately realised that Siri have had some problem in her brain and its cause was not also unknown to him. He removed the device from her head without stopping it from his computer. He was clueless about what to do. In the meantime Siri left his house and went away.

(To be continued…)


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