The Mind Machine (Part – II)


Day 3

Next morning Siri called Irfan and asked if he was busy or not and told him that she wanted to know about that device. Irfan asked her to come to his house. When she came Irfan convinced her to again wear the device and he again connected her to his laptop. He opened MindExplorer, navigated to the mindset directory and opened the.lvr subfolder. But he got shocked by seeing that there is only one fileirfan.lvr and as he tried to open it, the interface showed the ultimate error message, ‘File Corrupted, Unable to Read/Write.’ He simply got frightened about what is going to happen to them.When he was in such a condition, an interesting idea came to his mind. He knew that his friend Niniva used to live with her lover Ankit. Irfan planned to take those two files from Niniva’s brain and after doing some alterations, copy it to Siri’s brain. He stopped the interface, woke Siri up and asked her to return to her hostel as he was feeling very low. Siri went away. Irfan called Niniva and asked her to come immediately. Niniva came and he told her that he has built a new machine and want to test it on her. Niniva got surprised to his proposal but seeing him serious, she didn’t tell anything and agreed to wear that. Irfan easily copied those two files ankit.lvr and ankit.lvr.log to his computer and told Niniva that his experiment was done and she could leave. Niniva couldn’t understand anything why Irfan called her and why he now almost driving her away. However as Irfan had an old reputation to be a little crazy, she didn’t mind too much and went away.

That afternoon Irfan kept himself busy in editing those two files. He parsed the binary one and replaced each entry of ‘Ankit’ with the entry ‘Irfan’. He knew before that these .lvr and .log files don’t store any characterization or image of the person, instead they take those from the .frnd file, whenever it is needed. So he could easily prepare those files. He called Siri and asked for pardon that he was rude with her and asked to come to his house in the afternoon. Siri told that she didn’t mind anything and she will of course come if he explains the device to her. Irfan said, ‘Sure.’

Siri came. He convinced her to again wear that device and successfully transferred those two files. He safely closed the interface and removed the machine from her head. She woke up.

‘Hi’, he greeted her. She smiled.

‘Now tell me how it’s working and what you’ve discovered.’

‘Yeah… Sure.’

Irfan told everything he knew from that machine in brief and she was happy to his great invention.

Now it was dinner time. They had their dinner like every day. Siri told that she was having headache and going to bed and asked Irfan to come fast. Irfan didn’t tell anything. Only a smile of pleasure covered his face that he had finally got rid of his great disaster. He went to bed happily.

Day 12

Irfan and Siri were lazily lying on the bed. Suddenly Siri asked Irfan, ‘Can you remember the name of the hotel where we stayed in Goa?’ Irfan was about to frown. He had never gone to Goa. But suddenly he remembered that Niniva and Ankit went to Goa last month. He heard the name of the hotel from them and it was the Ocean Palms resort. So he readily replied, ‘Oh… it’s Ocean Palms.’

‘Yeah… yeah… now I remember.’ She continued, ‘Irfan, you remember how we enjoyed those evenings on the beach? Wasn’t it nice?’

‘Yea, it was awesome’, Irfan had no other choice.

‘Irfan, Can you remember that … … … …’

‘Yea, yea … … … …’

‘Irfan … … …’

‘Please Siri, I’m feeling very sleepy now.’


Irfan could not change that .lvr.log file, so he had to agree with Siri about all the things that Niniva had done with Ankit. But it wasn’t a huge pain for him as both Niniva and Ankit were his good friends. He didn’t ever used that machine any more. He and Siri then marry each other after a couple of years and they had an excellent life. Only some times Siri would refer to some incident which was totally unclear to him and that would remind him about his great invention,the mind machine.


3 thoughts on “The Mind Machine (Part – II)

  1. I have read both parts. I like the story. I like the idea of the longing to know more about someone you desire. It’s a lot in each paragraph. There’s a sense of things moving quickly. Break up some paragraphs and it will read more naturally. Great storyline, I’ll be glad to reblog and see what others think.

    Liked by 1 person

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